Annual Report on

The Japanese Economy and Public Finance


- Japanese Economy Heading for New Growth Era

with Conditions for Growth Restored -

Cabinet Office

Government of Japan

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Appended Notes

Appended Note 1-1 Estimation Methods for Structural Unemployment Rate

Appended Note 1-2 Estimation Result of Long-term Equilibrium of Consumption

Appended Note 1-3 Calculation method of GDP gaps

Appended Note 1-4 Housing Loan Repayment Simulation

Appended Note 1-5 Impact of a Rise in Lending Interest Rates on Banks' Return on Funds

Appended Note 1-6 Impact of a Rise in Long-Term Interest Rate on JGBs Held by Banks

Appended Note 1-7 Estimation Method of Profit-Return Price Index

Appended Note 1-8 Estimation of Structural and Cyclical Fiscal Balances

Appended Note 2-1 Determinants of Debt Ratio

Appended Note 2-2 Business Investment and Fund-raising Constraints

Appended Note 2-3 Determinants of Dividend Expansion

Appended Note 3-1 Brief Summary of Questionnaire Survey concerning Human Resources Development by Firms

Appended Note 3-2 A Brief Summary of Survey on Job and Education

Appended Note 3-3 Probability of Remaining a Non-Regular employee

Appended Note 3-4 The Gini coefficient

Appended Note 3-5 The difference in households surveyed among various statistical surveys

Appended Note 3-6 Characteristics of Various Inequality Indexes

Appended Note 3-7 The Method for Additional Treatment of Individual Data

Appended Note 3-8 Decomposition Analysis of Intertemporal Changes in Mean Logarithm Deviation

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