Annual Report on

The Japanese Economy and Public Finance


- No Gains Without Reforms V -

Cabinet Office

Government of Japan

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Appended Notes

Appended Note 1-1 Calculation method of GDP gaps

Appended Note 1-2 Estimation of the size of over-employment

Appended Note 1-3 Relationship between labor productivity and capital equipment ratio

Appended Note 1-4 Estimation of labor share and equilibrium level

Appended Note 1-5 Estimation of the lending supply function of financial institutions

Appended Note 1-6 Estimation method of profit-return price index

Appended Note 1-7 Estimation method of the Okun Coefficient and its results

Appended Note 1-8 Estimation of structural and cyclical fiscal balances

Appended Note 1-9 Estimation on the relationship of government spendings and revenues to corporate profits and investments

Appended Note 2-1 Estimation of the relationship of the size of general government total outlays to the aging rate and unemployment rates

Appended Note 2-2 Overview of the questionnaire survey on national contribution

Appended Note 2-3 Overview of the "Survey and Analysis of the Entrusted Organization under the Designated Management Entity System"

Appended Note 2-4 Estimation method of expenditures and the value of support

Appended Note 2-5 Estimation method of the results of consolidation

Appended Note 3-1 Dependent population ratio of the consumption base

Appended Note 3-2 Divisia Labor Index

Appended Note 3-3 Estimation by the cohort analysis

Appended Note 3-4 "Public Opinion Poll on Consumption and Savings Behavior and National Burden"

Appended Note 3-5 Estimated future medical expenditure

Appended Note 3-6 Estimation of lifetime benefits and burdens based on the generational accounting method (outline)

Appended Note 3-7 Estimated coefficients for gaps in per-capita medical expenditure for the elderly among prefectures

Appended Note 3-8 Estimated coefficients for gaps in per-capita long-term care expenditure among prefectures

Appended Note 3-9 Factors likely to influence anxieties over long-term care

Appended Note 3-10 Calculation method for absolute risk aversion

Appended Note 3-11 Estimation of Dankai generation's impact on employment using "Survey on Employment Trends"

Appended Note 3-12 Estimation of potential cost to eliminate under-funding of retirement benefits

Appended Note 3-13 Questionnaire survey on new technology development by companies

Appended Note 3-14 Analysis of individual data from research on corporate technology creation

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