Annual Report on the Japanese

Economy and Public Finance


- No Gains Without Reforms III -

October 2003

Cabinet Office

Government of Japan

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Appended Note

Appended Note 1-1 Estimation of Inventory Function

Appended Note 1-2 Determinants of Wages

Appended Note 1-3 Measurement of Profit Ratio of Land

Appended Note 1-4 Method of Estimation of Deflationary Expectations

Appended Note 1-5 Estimation of Phillips Curve

Appended Note 1-6 Relations between Money Supply, GDP and Prices

Appended Note 1-7 Effect of Monetary Base on Exchange Rate

Appended Note 2-1 Results of Estimation of Companies' Capital Investment Behavior and Financing (Manufacturing Industries)

Appended Note 2-2 Results of Estimation of Main Banks' Profit Stabilizing Function

Appended Note 3-1 Calculation Method of Estimation of Potential Growth Rate

Appended Note 3-2 Overview of Economic Growth Simulations

Appended Note 3-3 Overview of Generational Accounting

Appended Note 3-4 Ratio of Lifetime Earnings to Pension Premiums and Benefits by Generation

Appended Note 3-5 Stochastic Frontier Production Function

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