Annual Report on Japan's

Economy and Public Finance


- No Gains Without Reforms -

December 2001

Cabinet Office

Government of Japan

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   Appended Notes

Appended Note 1-1 Relationship between Growth Rate of Business Investment/Capital Investment and Capital Stock Ratio/Expected Growth Rate

Appended Note 1-2 Stochastic Method for Structural Unemployment Rate

Appended Note 1-3 Factors that Determine Business Investment

Appended Note 1-4 Reference Materials for Chapter 1

Appended Note 2-1 Corporate Debts by Type of Industry and by Size

Appended Note 2-2 Excessive Debts and Business Investment

Appended Note 2-3 Expected Growth Rate and Actual Growth Rate

Appended Note 2-4 Calculation Method for Potential Growth Rate

Appended Note 2-5 Decline of Labor Productivity of Non-manufacturing Industries and Its Effect on Manufacturing Industries

Appended Note 2-6 Analytical Examples of Labor Productivity Growth in the U.S.

Appended Note 2-7 Reference materials for Chapter 2

Appended Note 3-1 Estimation of Structural Budget Balance

Appended Note 3-2 Measurement of Local Residents' Benefits and Contributions

Appended Note 3-3 Two Key Points of Estimation

Appended Note 3-4 Stock Data of Public Sector Assets and Liabilities (estimate)

Appended Note 3-5 Estimation of Pension Liabilities

Appended Note 3-6 Outline of General Accounting Estimation

Appended Note 3-7 Classification of National Financial Subsidies as Seen from Time of Establishment and National Share of Contributions

Appended Note 3-8 Method for Simulation of Tax Base Transfers

Appended Note 3-9 Bibliography for Chapter 3

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