Annual Report on

The Japanese Economy and Public Finance


- Japanese Economy Heading for New Growth Era

with Conditions for Growth Restored -

Cabinet Office

Government of Japan

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Appended Figures and Tables

Appended Figure 1-1 Factor Analysis of Inventories

Appended Figure 1-2 Changes in Ratio of Break-Even Point, Factor Analysis of Changes in Ratio of Break-Even Point

Appended Figure 1-3 Investment/Cash Flow Ratio and Tangible Fixed Assets

Appended Figure 1-4 Efficiency of Business Investment

Appended Figure 1-5 Consumer Confidence Index and Breakdown of its Contribution

Appended Figure 1-6 Changes in National Accounts- and Household Budget Survey-based Savings Rates and their Factors

Appended Figure 1-7 Trends of Condominium Market in Tokyo Metropolitan Area

Appended Table 1-8 Post-War Economic Cycles

Appended Table 1-9 Export Markets of OECD Countries

Appended Figure 1-10 Industry-by-Industry Variance and Covariance of Business Investment by Private-Sector Corporations

Appended Figure 1-11 Production and Inventory Adjustment to Fluctuations of Shipment

Appended Figure 1-12 Status of Capital Flows among Major Countries (2004)

Appended Figure 1-13 Changes in Sales, Expenses Necessary to Eliminate Increase in Interest Expenses (estimate)

Appended Figure 1-14 Land Prices in Central Zones (commercial districts)

Appended Figure 1-15 Main Structural Reforms of Expenditures

Appended Figure 1-16 Major Tax Reform

Appended Figure 2-1 Estimated Economic Value Added between Late 1980s and Mid-1990s

Appended Table 2-2 Estimation of Restructuring Measures' Effects on Business Performances

Appended Table 2-3 Japan's Employment Adjustment Speed since 1990s

Appended Figure 2-4 Changes in Age-Wage Curve

Appended Table 2-5 Principal Components and Corporate Attributes

Appended Figure 2-6 Comparison of Japanese, US and European Banks

Appended Figure 3-1 Trends in Ratio of Non-Regular Employment by Industry and by Number of Employees

Appended Table 3-2 A Comparison of EPL of Regular and Non-regular Employment among Countries

Appended Figure 3-3 Unemployment Rate by Gender and by Age

Appended Figure 3-4 Condition of Non-working Youths according to the Cabinet Office's Survey

Appended Figure 3-5 Factors Analysis of Change in Unemployment Rate in Various Regions

Appended Figure 3-6 Ratio of Number of Households by Age in National Survey of Family Income and Expenditure (total households)

Appended Figure 3-7 International Comparison of Poverty Rate

Appended Figure 3-8 Deviation from National Average of Per Capita Gross Regional Product (Logarithmic Value) by Regional Block and Its Factor Analysis

Appended Figure 3-9 Gini Coefficient by Age Bracket in National Survey of Family Income and Expenditure (households of two or more members)

Appended Table 3-10 Brief Summary of Various Public Opinion Surveys concerning Economic Disparity

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