Annual Report on the Japanese

Economy and Public Finance


- No Gains Without Reforms III -

October 2003

Cabinet Office

Government of Japan

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Appended Figures and Tables

Appended Figure 1-1 Correlation between World Economy and Japan

Appended Figure 1-2 Correlation Coefficient of Exports and Production

Appended Figure 1-3 Change in Inventory Revaluation Amounts

Appended Figure 1-4 Change in Equipment Investment by Industry

Appended Figure 1-5 Factor Analysis of Non-labour Force Rate

Appended Figure 1-6 Factor Analysis for Scheduled Cash Earnings

Appended Figure 1-7 Estimation of Land Cost (Commercial Area)

Appended Table 2-1 Difference between Risk Management Credit and Property Assessment Based on Financial Restructuring Method and Self-Assessment

Appended Table 2-2 Mediation Committees of the Asian Financial Crisis Countries and Present State of Private Adjustment

Appended Figure 2-3 Change in the Ratio of Executives

Appended Figure 2-4 Change in the Wage Gap between Positions for Each Age Group

Appended Table 3-1 Main Birthrate-boosting Measures in Foreign Countries

Appended Table 3-2 (1) Results of Analysis by Feldstein/Horioka

Appended Table 3-3 Relationship between Savings Rate and Investment Rate in Five Major Countries

Appended Table 3-4 Case-by Case Real Economic Growth Trends

Appended Table 3-5 Major Pension Reforms around the World (1990s)

Appended Table 3-6 List of Medical Care and Insurance System in Japan

Appended Table 3-7 Results of Analysis on the Productivity of Hospitals by the Stochastic Frontier Production Function

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