Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy

I. Roles of the Council

i)  In response to inquiries by the Prime Minister, carrying out surveys and discussions on important economic and fiscal policies (e.g. Basic Policies for Economic and Fiscal Management and Reform, Basic Principles of Budget Formulation).
ii)  In compliance with inquiries by the Prime Minister and/or responsible ministers, examining and ensuring consistency among important economic policies.
iii) Advising the Prime Minister on the above issues.

II. Meetings

III. Members

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IV. Archives(2001-2009)(Appears on Web Archiving Project(WARP)(The National Diet Library) home page.)

V. Related Documents

VI. Associated committees

Committee for Promoting the Integrated Economic and Fiscal Reforms


The committee promotes the following initiatives and reports to the CEFP:
i)  Based on "The Economic and Fiscal Revitalization Action Program" (Decision by the CEFP on December 24, 2015), the committee promotes "Reform with Innovation"(i.e. "Industrialization in public-related services", "Incentive reforms" and "Innovation in public services"), manages the progress of policies and steadily implements the PDCA cycle every fiscal year during the planed period in cooperation with related central government offices and the budget authority. In addition, it reflects the results of the checks and assesses on the subsequent reform.
ii)  The committee gives guidance and advise related central government offices and Cabinet Office on thorough and further "visualization"
iii) The committee implements the PDCA cycle, changing the budget in "wise spending" manner, quantitatively figuring out and analyzing the outcome of the reforms. The committee conducts an interim assessment of the Integrated Economic and Fiscal Reforms in FY2018.


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