Status of Receipt and Review of Complaints Concerning Government Procurement (provisional translation)

April 5, 2001
Executive Meeting, OGPR

The status of receipt and review of complaints concerning government procurement in the first quarter of 2001 is as follows:

  1. Complaint number
    Case No.3
  2. Date of filing of the complaint
    February 17, 2001
  3. Name of the complainant
    Jobi Co.
  4. Name of the procuring entity and products/services concerning the complaint
    Yamaguchi University
    Building-cleaning services
  5. Outline of complaint
    The contract of supply services of personnel concerning the cleaning of a part of the university buildings, between the procuring entity concerned and the supplier is not performanced based on the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (hereafter "GPA").
  6. Outline of the status of complaint reviewing
    The procurement contract concerned was not on building-cleaning services (CPC874) but on placement and supply services on personnel (CPC872) that was not covered by Annex 4 of Japan's Appendix I. Since the GPA did not apply to the contract, the Board decided not to accept the complaint on February 26, 2001, and informed the complainant, Jobi Co., and the procuring entity, Yamaguchi University of the decision.