Contact Points of Sub-central Government

(1)Prifectural Government("Todoufuken")
Agency(prefecture) Contact point phone number extension fax number
Hokkai-do Financial Guidance Div., Treasury Bureau 011(204)5613 (Direct) 011(232)0447
Aomori-ken Academic Affairs Div., General Affairs Dept. 0177(34)9093 (Direct) 0177(34)8006
Iwate-ken Guidande Section, Accounting Div., Treasury Bureau 019(629)5990 (Direct) 019(629)5984
Miyagi-ken Contracts Dept., Treasury Bureau 022(211)3336 (Direct) 022(211)3399
Akita-ken Public Relations Div., General Affairs Dept. 018(860)1042 (Direct) 018(860)1072
Yamagata-ken Accounting Div., Accounting Bureau 023(630)2168 (Direct) 023(630)2715
Fukushima-ken Inspection Div., Treasury Bureau 024(521)2842 (Direct) 024(521)7959
Ibaraki-ken Accounting Management Div., Accounting Bureau 029(301)4875 (Direct) 029(301)4888
Tochigi-ken Inspection and Guidance second Section, Accounting Management Div. 028(623)3022 (Direct) 028(623)2080
Gunma-ken Accounting Management Div., Accounting Bureau 027(226)3811 (Direct) 027(243)3450
Saitama-ken Inspection Section, Tender Inspection Div., General Affairs Dept. 048(830)5775 (Direct) 048(830)4914
Chiba-ken Construction and Real Property Div., Public Works and Development Dept. 043(223)3116 (Direct) 043(225)4012
Tokyo-to General Affairs Div., Accounting Dept., Finance Bureau 03(5388)2607 (Direct) 03(5388)1275
Kanagawa-ken Procurement Div., Treasury Bureau 045(210)6721 (Direct) 045(210)8869
Niigata-ken Management Div., Treasury Bureau 025(280)5483 (Direct) 025(284)2772
Toyama-ken Inspection Office, Treasury Bureau 076(444)3419 (Direct) 076(444)4425
Ishikawa-ken Property Management Div., General Affair Dept. 076(225)1261 (Direct) 076(225)1264
Fukui-ken Inspection and Guidance Div., Treasury Bureau 0776(20)0523 (Direct) 0776(20)0662
Yamanashi-ken General Affairs and National Expenditure Section, Acccounting Div., Treasury Bureau 055(223)1304 (Direct) 055(223)1310
Nagano-ken Contracts and Inspection Div., Accounting Bureau 026(235)7359 (Direct) 026(235)7472
Gifu-ken Treasury Mamagement Div., Treasury Bureau 058(272)1111 3213 058(278)2787
Shizuoka-ken Accounting Support Div., Treasury Bureau 054(221)2118 (Direct) 054(221)3568
Aichi-ken Construction Planning Div., Civil Engeneering Dept., Construction Bureau 052(954)6513 (Direct) 052(954)6941
Mie-ken Treasury and General Affairs Div., Treasury Bureau 059(224)2771 (Direct) 059(224)2784
Shiga-ken Management Div., Accounting Bureau 077(528)4325 (Direct) 077(528)4920
Kyoto-fu Tender Div., General Affair Dept. 075(414)5442 (Direct) 075(414)5450
Osaka-fu Accounts Guidance Div., Accounting Bureau 06(6944)6009 (Direct) 06(6944)6733
Hyogo-ken Contract Management Div., Civil Engeneering Dept. 078(362)4241 (Direct) 078(362)3333
Nara-ken General Affairs Div., Accounting Bureau 0742(27)8906 (Direct) 0742(26)2412
Wakayama-ken Accounting Div., Accounting Bureau 073(441)3281 (Direct) 0734(23)3502
Tottori-ken Accounting Guidance Div., Accountnig Management Bureau 0857(26)7437 (Direct) 0857(26)8147
Shimane-ken Accounting Div., Treasury Bureau 0852(22)5332 (Direct) 0852(22)5963
Okayama-ken Accounting Div., Treasury Bureau 086(226)7529 (Direct) 086(221)6648
Hiroshima-ken Contract and Procurement Management Div., Accounting Mamagement Dept. 082(513)2140 (Direct) 082(228)5392
Yamaguchi-ken Accounting Div., Accounting Management Bureau 083(933)3915 (Direct) 083(933)3949
Tokushima-ken Procurement Section, Property Management Div., Management Strategy Dept. 088(621)2063 (Direct) 088(621)2828
Kagawa-ken General Affairs Concentration Div., General Affairs Dept. 087(832)3631 (Direct) 087(833)0352
Ehime-ken Supplies Procurement Section, Accounting Div., Treasury Bureau 089(941)2111 2156 089(943)6891
Kochi-ken Accounting Management Div., Accounting Management Bureau 088(823)9094 (Direct) 088(823)9771
Fukuoka-ken Accounting Div., Accounting Management Bureau 092(643)3772 (Direct) 092(643)3776
Saga-ken Accounting Div., Treasury Bureau 0952(25)7160 (Direct) 0952(25)7157
Nagasaki-ken Accounting Div., Treasury Bureau 095(894)3211 (Direct) 095(894)3466
Kumamoto-ken Accounting Div., Treasury Bureau 096(383)2572 (Direct) 096(383)0366
Oita-ken Accounting Div., Accounting Management Bureau 097(506)2914 (Direct) 097(506)1782
Miyazaki-ken Accounting Div., Accounting Management Bureau 0985(26)7203 (Direct) 0985(26)7324
Kagoshima-ken Accounting Div., Treasury Bureau 099(286)3769 (Direct) 099(286)5639
Okinawa-ken Finance Div., General Affairs Dept. 098(866)2095 (Direct) 098(866)2658
(2)  ordinance-designated city("Shitei-Toshi")
Agency(city) Contact point phone number extension fax number
Sapporo-shi Contract Management Div., Property Management Dept., Finance Bureau 011(211)2442 (Direct) 011(218)5146
Sendai-shi Contract Div., Finance Bureau 022(214)8147 (Direct) 022(214)8110
Chiba-shi Contracts Div., Asset Management Dept., Finance Bureau 043(245)5088 (Direct) 043(245)5536
Yokohama-shi First Contracts Div., Contracts Dept, Finance Bureau 045(671)2707 (Direct) 045(641)2758
Kawasaki-shi Contracts Div., Asset Management Dept., Finance Bureau 044(200)3695 (Direct) 044(200)9901
Nagoya-shi Contract Management Div, Contracts Dept,, Finance Bureau 052(972)2326 (Direct) 052(972)4121
Kyoto-shi Contract Div., Property Management Contracts Dept., Administration and Finance Bureau 075(222)3311 (Direct) 075(222)3317
Osaka-shi System Div., Contracts Dept.,Contract Administration Bureau 06(6484)7434 (Direct) 06(6484)7990
Kobe-shi Contract Management Div., Administration and Finance Bureau 078(322)5146 (Direct) 078(322)6028
Hiroshima-shi Contract Div., Contracts Dept., Finance Bureau 082(504)2083 (Direct) 082(504)2612
Kitakyusyu-shi Contract System Div., Contracts Dept., Technology Management Bureau 093(582)2545 (Direct) 093(582)3113
Fukuoka-shi Contract Management Div., Finance Dept., Finance Bureau 092(711)4181 (Direct) 092(733)5442
Saitama-shi Contracts Div., Contract Management Dept., Finance Bureau 048(829)1179 (Direct) 048(829)1986
Shizuoka-shi Contracts Div., Finance Dept., Finance Bureau 054(221)1346 (Direct) 054(221)1028
Sakai-shi Contracts Div., Contracts Dept., Finance Bureau 072(228)7472 (Direct) 072(228)7289
Niigata-shi Contracts Div., Finance Dept. 025(226)2213 (Direct) 025(225)3500
Hamamatsu-shi Procurement Div., Finance Dept. 053(457)2173 (Direct) 050(3730)3713
Okayama-shi Contracts Div., Finance Dept., Finance Bureau 086(803)1194 (Direct) 086(803)1736
Sagamihara-shi Contracts Div., Finance Bureau 042(769)8217 (Direct) 042(769)5325
Kumamoto-shi Contract Policy Div., Contract Management Dept., General Affairs Bureau 096(328)2136 (Direct) 096(359)7689