The Sixth Symposium on Russian Economy

March 3-4,1998

the Economic Planning Agency of JAPAN

1. Themes

(1) Macroeconomic policy after economic stability is established (First Session)

(2) Economic strategy for long-term sustainable growth and integration to the world economy (Second Session)

(3) Industrial policy: goal and means (Third Session)

2. List of Participants:

(1)Economic Planning Agency (EPA) of Japan

Dr. OKITA, Yoichi   Vice Minister for International Economic Affairs

Mr. NOMURA, Makoto   Deputy Director General, Coordination Bureau

Mr. UMETANI, Kenji   Director, Second International Economic Affairs Division, Coordination Bureau

Ms. TAMACHI, Noriko   Director, Department of Research Cooperation, Economic Research Institute

(2)Japanese Experts

Mr. ARAKI, Nobuyoshi   Chief Economist, East and West Research Institute

Prof. HAKAMADA, Shigeki   Professor, School of International Politics,
Economics and Business, Aoyama-Gakuin University

Mr. HOSHINO, Shinyasu   President, National Institute for Research Advancement

Prof. IWATA, Kazumasa   Professor, College of Arts and Science, Tokyo University

Dr. NAGAOKA, Sadao   Professor, Institute of Innovation Research,
Hitotsubashi University

Mr. NISHIFUJI, Noboru   President, Japan Research Institute

Dr. NISHIMURA, Yoshiaki   Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University

Dr. SAKURAI, Makoto   President, Research Center for International Finance,
Mitsui Marine Research Institute Co. Ltd.

Prof. TABATA, Shinichiro   Professor of Economics, Slavic Research Center,
Hokkaido University

Dr. UNO, Kimio   Professor, Institute of Policy Management, Keio University

(3) Ministry of Economy (MOE) of the Russian Federation

Dr. SHAPOVALYANZ, Andrei G.   First Vice Minister

Dr. BARON, Leonid J.   Director, Credit Policy Department

Dr. VOLKOV, Vladimir N.   Deputy Head, Macroeconomics Forecasting Department

Dr. RODIONOV, Andrei P.   Advisor to the First Vice Minister

Dr. KOLTSOV, Alexey V.   Head, Division for Structural Policy

Ms. MASLOVSKAYA, Galina E.   Deputy chief of Division, Macroeconomics Forecasting Department

(4) Experts from Russia

Dr. KHANDRUEV, Alexander A.   Deputy Chairman, Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Dr. ULYUKAEV, Alexei V.   Deputy Director, Institute for Economy in Transition

Dr. AFANASIEV, Mstislav P.   Head of the Financial Department,
Government Administration of the Russian Federation

Prof. ZAITSEV, Valery K.   Deputy Director, Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences

3. Program

The first day (March 3, Tuesday)

(10:00-10:10) Opening Statement

by Dr. OKITA, Vice Minister for International Economic Affairs, EPA

(10:10-10:30) Keynote Speech

by Dr. SHAPOVALYANZ, First Vice Minister, MOE

by Dr. BARON, Director, Credit Policy Department of MOE

(10:30-12:30) First Session

"Macroeconomic policy after economic stability is established"

(Chairman: Dr. SHAPOVALYANZ)

(1) Presentation by Dr. KHANDRUEV

(2) Presentation by Dr. ULYUKAEV

Comments by Prof. IWATA and Dr. VOLKOV


(14:30-17:00) Second Session

"Economic strategy for long-term sustainable growth and integration to the world economy"

(Chairman: Mr. HOSHINO)

(3) Presentation by Dr. AFANASIEV

(4) Presentation by Prof. ZAITSEV

Comments by Prof. TABATA and Ms. MASLOVSKAYA


The second day (March 4, Wednesday)

(10:00-11:50) Third Session

"Industrial policy: goal and means"

(Chairman: Dr. OKITA)

(5) Presentation by Dr. NAGAOKA

Comments by Dr. SAKURAI and Dr. KOLTSOV


(11:50-12:30) Fourth Session

"Joint Research by Economic Planning Agency and Ministry of Economy in 1997"

(Chairman: Dr. OKITA)

(6) Presentation by Dr. VOLKOV

(7) Presentation by Mr. UMETANI

(12:30-13:00) Closing Session