Annual Report on the Japanese

Economy and Public Finance


- No Gains Without Reforms IV -

July 2004

Cabinet Office

Government of Japan

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Appended Notes

Appended Note 1-1 Relationship Between Restructuring and Corporate Earnings (Listed Manufacturers)

Appended Note 1-2 Effects of Changes in Sales Amounts and Interest Rate Levels on Profit

Appended Note 1-3 Consumer Psychology Survey

Appended Note 1-4 VAR Analysis of Raw Material and Consumer Prices (For All Goods Excluding Fresh Food)

Appended Note 1-5 Taylor Rule Estimates

Appended Note 1-6 Analysis of Borrowings Change for Listed Companies

Appended Note 1-7 VAR Analysis of Japanese and US Interest Rates

Appended Note 2-1 Division of Regions

Appended Note 3-1 Export/Import Price Function and Export/Import Function Estimates

Appended Note 3-2 Impacts of Exchange Rates on Exporting Companies' Profits

Appended Note 3-3 Determining factors for whether companies that had launched overseas operations "continue or withdraw" their operations

Appended Note 3-4 Consumer Benefit from Globalization

Appended Note 3-5 Calculation of Purchase Price Index from Family Income and Expenditure Survey

Appended Note 3-6 Method for Calculating Gap between Domestic and Overseas Markets

Appended Note 3-7 Impact of Changes in Export-Import Ratio on Number of Employed Persons

Appended Note 3-8 Gap in Wages by Industry

Appended Note 3-9 GTAP Model

Appended Note 3-10 Estimation of Total Factor Productivity (Agriculture) by Prefecture

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