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Record of Discussions

2 March, 1998

In connection with the recent discussions held in the Economic Policy Dialogue on 2 March, 1998 in Tokyo between the representatives of the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation and the Economic Planning Agency of Japan on their joint research project, both sides wish to record the following:

1.Both sides intend to continue the joint research project, which started in 1996, and to take up the following topics in 1998:

(1)Macroeconomic situation of Russia, including its future prospects.

(2)Improving and utilizing economic indicators of Russia.

(3)How to charge public utilities for the efficient allocation of resources in Russia.

2.Both sides shared the view that the Economic Policy Dialogue on the Economic Reform would provide valuable opportunities to discuss the above topics.

3.The Economic Planning Agency of Japan intends to invite three economists of the Russian Federation to its Economic Research Institute and support their research related to this project.

Andrei G. Shapovalyanz           Yoichi Okita

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